Rat Management for Rural Communities in Bangladesh



The Rat Management for Rural Communities project wants to raise awareness about rats, the problems they cause and the ecological solutions which the project is promoting. We will be producing many posters, stickers and leaflets, and electronic copies of the outputs will be posted here as they are created.

Discovery Channel (2011) Swarmchasers: Rats. A nature documentary following Dr Steven Belmain looking for rat swarms in Bangladesh.  Broadcast in January 2011 for Animal Planet, 45 minutes. Clicking on the link will download the video - you will need a good connection.

BBC World Service (2010) Rat Attack Science in Action. November 19th, 2010.

BBC Earth News (2010) Attack of the Rats. November 19th, 2010.

CBCRadio (2010) Falling Flowers Rising Rats. Quirks and Quarks. December 11th, 2010.

Belmain, S.R. (2010) Battling rodents in Bangladesh. Pest. 11: 23-25.

Normile D. 2010. Holding back a torrent of rats. Science 327, 806-807.

Singleton, G.R. Belmain, S.R. and Brown, P.R. (eds.) (2010) Rodent Outbreaks: Ecology and Impacts. International Rice Research Institute Press, Los Banos, Philippines. 289 pages.

Belmain, S.R. (2009) Rat Race. Developments. 45: 33-35.
Developments Magazine is supported by the UK Department for International Devleopment.

Training and awareness raising materials

Project summary RIU

Rats General RIU

Rat species RIU

Trainer's Manual RIU

Health issues of rats RIU

Rat damage RIU

Modified rice storage systems RIU

Bill Board RIU

Festoon on Kill Traps

Rat project brochure

Festoon RIU

Use of kill traps

Rat Poster

Farmers Diary Cover

A three part video on "how to control rats"
Belmain, S.R., Kamal, N.Q., Harun, M., Kadry, N.I., Baker, A., Roy, R.N., Hossain, M., Mithu, M.S.H., Islam, S. Hoque, A., Shafali, R.B., Meyer, A., Aplin, K., Singleton, G.R., and Azad, A.K. (2005) Managing Rats in Rural Villages of Bangladesh. AID-Comilla, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 3-part video, 45 minutes. In English: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 (short video introduction) In Bengali: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

A training manual in Bengali language adapted from a book originally published by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
Aplin, K.A., Brown, P.R., Jacob, J., Krebs, C.J., Singleton, G.R. Belmain, S.R., Kamal, N.Q., Shafali, RB, Harun, M., Kadri, N.I., Baker, A., Azad, A.K., Hoque, A., Meyer, A., Mian, Y. (2006). Field methods for rodent studies in Bangladesh. AID-Comilla, Dhaka, Bangladesh 250 pp. In Bengali
Link to English version.

Training and awareness raising material for rat floods in the Chittagong Hill Tracts

Project summary CHT

Rats General CHT

Rat species CHT

Rat damage CHT

Health issues of rats CHT

Modified rice storage systems CHT

Festoon CHT

Trainer manual CHT short version

Trainer manual CHT full version part 1

Trainer manual CHT full version part 2


Other publications about ecologically-based rodent management and similar topics by members of the project team and other authors.

BBC World Service. Rats! a two-part programme broadcast within the One Planet series. The second 30 minute programme contains much material derived from the ratzooman project and scientists involved. The programmes were broadcast internationally on two separate occasions, in June 2005 and January 2006. The programmes have been permanently archived on the BBC website and were separately produced on a CD for limited distribution. You can listen to the programmes by clicking on the below links.
Rats! part one: New York
Rats! part two East Africa

BBC World Service radio programme on rodent pests in Mozambique from BBC production “In The Field”

Belmain, S.R. (2007) Rats, an ecologically based approach for managing a global problem. Low External Input and Sustainable Agriculture. 23(4): 18-20.

Belmain, S.R., Dlamini, N., Eiseb. S., Kirsten, F., Mahlaba, T., Makundi, R., Malebane, P., Maltitz, E. von, Massawe, A., Monadjem. A., Mulungu, L., Siwiya, E., Taylor, P., and Tutjavi, V. (2008) The ECORAT project: developing ecologically-based rodent management for the southern African region. International Pest Control. 50(3):136-138.

Taylor, P.J., Arntzen, L., Hayter, M. Iles, M., Frean, J., and Belmain, S.R. (2008) Understanding and managing sanitary risks due to rodent zoonoses in an African city: beyond the Boston Model. Integrative Zoology. 3: 38-50.

Stenseth, N.C, Aikimbayev, A., Atshabar, B.B., Begon, M., Belmain, S.R., Bertherat, B., Carniel, E., Gage, K.L., Leirs, H. and Rahalison, L. (2008) Plague: Past, Present and Future. PLoS Medicine. 5(1): e3. 9-13.

Bonner, P.C., Schmidt, W.P., Belmain, S.R., Oshin, B., Baglole D., and Borchert, M. (2007) Poor housing quality increases risk of rodent infestation and Lassa fever infection in refugee camps of Sierra Leone. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. 77(1): 169-175.

Kamal, N.Q. and Hossain, M.M. (2003) Comparison of different baits to attract rats to traps in rice fields in Bangladesh. In: Rats, Mice and People: Rodent Biology and Management (Singleton, G.R., Hinds, L.A., Krebs C.J. and Spratt, D.M. eds). ACIAR Monograph Series No. 96. Canberra: Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, pp. 281–283. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Singleton, G.R., Hinds, L.A., Leirs, H. and Zhang, Z. (eds.) (1999) Ecologically-based Rodent Management. Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, Canberra, AU. 494 pp. This book can be downloaded via the International Rice Research Institute.














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