The project was funded by EuropeAid of the European Commission Directorate General for Development's 9th European Development Fund. Funding was obtained through the Competitive Regional Agricultural Research Fund (CRARF) of the ICART programme (Implementation and Coordination of Agricultural Research and Training) for the SADC region.

The contracting authority managing the ICART CRARF was the Southern African Development Community Secretariat.

The Executive Secretary, SADC Secretariate, Private Bag 0095, Gaborone, Botswana; Tel : +267 395 1863; http://www.sadc.int




Natural Resources Institute, UKSokoine University, TanzaniaARC-Plant Protection Research Institute, South AfricaUniversity of SwazilandNational Museum of Namibia Durban Natural Science Museum, South AfricaDurban Natural Science Museum, South Africa