The project on Rat Management for Rural Communities in Bangladesh

The RatZooMan project on rodent-borne diseases in Africa; and the RatZooMan Network email forum

National Museum of Namibia, Namibia

Pest Management Centre, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania

University of Swaziland, Swaziland

ARC-Plant Protection Research Institute, South Africa

Durban Natural Science Museum, eThekwini Municipality, South Africa

Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich, United Kingdom

Irrigated Rice Research Consortium, International Rice Research Institute, The Philippines

Department of Evolutionary Biology, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Danish Pest Infestation Laboratory, Denmark

Rodent Management Team, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, Australia


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Natural Resources Institute, UKSokoine University, TanzaniaARC-Plant Protection Research Institute, South AfricaUniversity of SwazilandNational Museum of Namibia Durban Natural Science Museum, South AfricaDurban Natural Science Museum, South Africa