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Natural Resources and Ethical Trade programme

Who are we?
The Natural Resources and Ethical Trade programme was established in 1997 as the first initiative to focus on the promotion and investigation of social and environmental dimensions in trade from the perspective of developing countries and poor people. As the corporate accountability and responsibility movement has continued to gather momentum NRET, has contributed to the debate around trade, standards and development. NRET provides an independent source of expertise in research and consultancy in ethical trade and responsible business, working with organisations in the North and South that share our aims.

Our approach
NRET works with a range of public and private sector organisations to:

  • Further understanding of ethical trade
  • Introduce viable social and environmental practices into core business operations
  • Develop policies to promote best practices in ethical trade.

What do we do?
We deliver high quality, multi-user services that optimise the benefits of responsible business initiatives, particularly as they affect poor people and developing countries. As part of these services we aim to share learning across initiatives and sectors and to influence policy.

  • Building better standards for responsible business
    NRET works with organisations to develop standards for monitoring, auditing and reporting the social and environmental dimensions of trade with poorer countries.
  • Producer market linkages
    NRET helps companies and producer groups in developing countries take advantage of market opportunities through enhancing their understanding of customers’ requirements and in establishing viable, efficient businesses.
  • Ethical supply chain management
    NRET works with mainstream companies and Alternative Trade Organisations to embed social and environmental issues into supply chain management.
  • Assessing Ethical Trade
    NRET is working with stakeholders along the supply chain to critically assess how and whether the impacts of ethical trade can be improved, especially in relation to livelihoods.

For further information see the NRET capacity statement flyer in [PDF 105Kb]


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