Post-Harvest Innovation Learning Alliance (PHILA)

Bio-data of participants who attended the PHILA Review Workshop, Morogoro, 23 - 25 November 2005

Juma S. Kachemela

I hold an MSc in Agricultural Extension and currently work as an extension communication specialist (media) at the Institute of Continuing Education (ICE), Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) and am involved in outreach activities. I am also the Head of the Information Communication Technology and Distance learning section of ICE. I have more than 20 years of experience in producing agricultural extension materials in print and electronic media, and have also produced a number of videos for agricultural training/ education.

Mobile: +255 (0)745 5464487

Kissa K. Kajigili

I have both a BSc and MSc degree in Human Nutrition from Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania which were awarded in 2001 and 2003 respectively. I am employed as an extension officer by the Extension section of the Crop Development department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security. I co-ordinate Farmer Field School activities in Tanzania and conduct both supervision and monitoring of extension activities in the District Councils. During my career, I have been frequently seconded to other organisations, i.e. UNICEF from 1984-1990, FAO from 1990-1991, IFAD in 1995. I have attended a number of short course including: Maternal and Child Nutrition (Jan 1988, University of Zimbabwe); Household Food Security (Oct 1989, Post Harvest (Food losses) FAO Dodoma; Food Management (1990, International Agriculture Centre, Wageningen, the Netherlands); Risk Factors in Pregnant Women and Children (1986, Uppsalla University, Sweden). I recently presented a paper on extension methodologies at an international conference in Beijing, China.

Mobile: +255 (0)744 362340

Dr. Frederick Petro Kasanga

I was born in 1959 at WOTTA, Mpwapwa, Dodoma Region. I am a Roman Catholic, married with five children, three girls and two boys. I attended primary school from 1969-1975, and Kwiro secondary school in Mahenge from 1976-1979, then Shinyanga Secondary School from 1980-1982. I was awarded a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVM) degree from Sokoine University of Agriculture in 1988. From September 2003 – November 2005 I have been studying for a Masters in Business Administration at Mzumbe University. My work experience includes: National Service at Mafinga Camp (1982-83); Clerical duties at the National Bank of Commerce (1983-1989); Animal husbandry and Management as the Veterinary Officer Rukwa Regional and Nkundi Multiplication Unit (1989-90); District Agricultural and Livestock Development Officer, Kasulu District Kigoma Region (1990-95); and District Agriculture and Livestock Development Officer, Kongwa District Council in Dodoma Region (November 1995 to date). PHILA have been conducting research in Mlali village in Kongwa District and that is how I have become involved in the project.

Mobile: +255 (0)748603371

Violet Israel Kidulani

I was born in Singida region in 1970, I reached standard four in Kilimo Ruvu secondary school in Coastal Region, and I also have a Certificate in Agriculture and Livestock Production from LITI Morogoro and MATI Maruku (Bukoba). I was then employed by the division of Agriculture and Livestock of the Singida district Council. My work involves advising them on agricultural issues. I have been involved in two Post Harvest Management workshops in Singida and Mlali, Dodoma. I saw the fantastic results farmers got from using new protectants (Diatomaceous Earths) to protect their stored grain. I am also involved in advising farmers about post harvest matters and have seen some significant progress.

Nimezaliwa mnamo mwaka 1970 katika Mkoa wa Singida, elimu yangu ni Kidato cha Nne katika Shule ya Kilimo Ruvu Mkoa wa Pwani, pia nina Certificate in Agriculture and Livestock Production katika Vyuo vya LITI – Morogoro na MATI Maruku (Bukoba). Nimekuwa nikifanya kazi katika Idara ya Kilimo na Mifugo Halmashauri ya Wilaya ya Singida (Vijijini). Najihusisha zaidi katika kutoa ushauri juu ya masuala mazima yahusuyo kilimo na mifugo. Nimehudhuria warsha 2 juu ya Hifadhi ya Maza, Singida na Dodoma – Mlali, nimeona mafanikio yaliyopatikana kwa wakulima juu ya suala zima la Hifadhi ya mazao kwa kutumia dawa mbali mbali za nafaka. Pia nimetoa ushauri na maelekezo kwa wakulima wanaonizunguka na nimeona mafanikio makubwa katika suala hili zima la hifadhi ya mazao.

Mobile: +255 (0)745 440432

Mohamedi Njoka Kisija

I am a 48 year old farmer from Mudida village in Singida district. I am involved in agricultural farmer managed trials. I was a farmer representative at a post harvest management workshop and am experienced in PRA techniques. I have been a local councillor for 10 years, and am hoping to be re-elected in December 2005. I have a wife and children.

Mkulima: Mudida – Umri 48. Nimeshiriki katika majaribio ya kilimo. Na kuwa mkulima wa mfano, nimeshiriki semina na warsha zinazohusu utunzaji wa nafaka, na nilipata mafaniko makubwa na nina uzoefu katika mbinu shirikishi PRA. Pia mimi ni kiongozi wa kuchaguliwa (Diwani) kwa muda wa miaka (10) nategemea kuchaguliwa tena mwezi Desemba 05. Nina mke na watoto.

Address: Box 1541, Singida district
Mobile: +255 (0)748 902418

Patrick Grevas Manguka Lameck

Mr Patrick G. M. Lameck was born in 1960 in Tabora region. His Parents moved to Tabora in the late 1950s from Kigoma where they originate from. He attended primary school in Tabora from 1967 to 1974 and Kazima secondary school in Tabora from 1975 to 1978; he then attended Moshi Secondary school from 1979 to 1981 and studied physics, chemistry and biology. He did his national service from 1981-1982 in Masange JKT in Tabora. He then joined TARO (Tanzania Agriculture Research Organisation), Tumbi Tabora as a trainee researcher in the tobacco breeding section (1981-1983) where he got the opportunity to learn about research methodologies and biostatistics. From 1984 to 1986 he undertook BSc. Studies in Agricultural Engineering at Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, and then went on to work as a tutor in Agro-mechanics at M.A.T.I Ukiriguru (1986-1991). He was awarded an MSc degree in Irrigation Engineering from SUA in 1992.

Following his master degree he worked as a researcher on SUAs Soil and Water Management Research Programme (SWMP) from 1993 to 1996. He then joined INADES Formation Tanzania (an International NGO dealing with capacity building for farmer social and economic development based in Dodoma) as a senior trainer and still works for them. At INADES he has worked as a coordinator of a number of training projects including; Land Use Management (LUM); Promotion of Farmer Innovations (PFI); programme collaboration with UNDP and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (1997-2001), Civic Society Training programme (CSP) on policy issues; and as the national technical advisor on Promoting Local Innovation in collaboration with PELUM Tanzania.

He joined PHILA in 2005 representing INADES Formation Tanzania and has facilitated the Case study 3 District Nodal analysis workshops and undertaken Case study 2 - Comparative analysis of how Public service providers (PSPs) work with farmers and how Farmer Centred Organisations (FCOs) work with farmers.

Mobile: +255 (0)748 316425/ +255 (0)744 043780

Benjamin B.E. Manento

I hold a MSc. Agriculture degree, a BSc. Agriculture degree specialising in seed and Diplomas in both Seed Technology and Farm Management. By profession I am an agronomist, seed technologist and a manager. I have worked as both an agronomist and a manager of foundation seed farms, co-ordinated the National Seed project, and am currently the District Agriculture and Livestock Development Officer for Singida Rural. My MSc. thesis was on the Genetic breeding effects of Gamma Rays and Sodium A risk in Rice Seeds (1983), the training manual I wrote on Seed Technology was published by IMDU, MAFS (2003).

Mobile: +255 (0)748 422290

Lungowe Sepo Marongwe (Mrs)

I work as an extension subject matter specialist for the Crop Production Branch of the Department of Agricultural Research and Extension, Ministry of Agriculture, Harare, Zimbabwe. I specialise in small grains (sorghum, pearl and finger millet), and co-ordinate the conservation agriculture activities.

Mobile: +263 (0)91 735060
Office: +263 (0)4 704531-9

Deusdedith M. Mathias

I was born on the 28th November 1965 in Mwanza district, Mwanza Region. As a child I learnt about farm work, herding livestock and fishing. I also enjoyed cultural group dancing (ngoma). I went to Kabusungu primary school from 1975 to 1981, and then joined Lake Secondary School in Mwanza from 1982 to 1985. In 1986 I started my professional agricultural training at MATI Nyegezi in Mwanza, for which I was awarded a Certificate in Agriculture for in 1988. From there, I did my two years National Service.

In 1989 I started working in Public Service in the Ministry of Agriculture as a Plant/ Produce Inspector based at Dar es Salaam sea port. I then successfully studied for a diploma in Farmer Mechanization at Larenstein International Agricultural College, in the Netherlands in 1995. I have benefited from various in service training related to: Plant Protection (Advanced Professional Training Certificate, Germany); Post Harvest Management (University of Botswana); Fumigation Techniques (Germany and Tanzania); Plant Quarantine and Extension methods.

Since 2002 I have worked as a trainer/ facilitator for the Post Harvest Management Services of the Food Security Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security. In this role I have been involved in organizing various Post Harvest Management training courses for district agricultural extension staff and farmers throughout Tanzania. I have also collaborated on a range of post harvest projects including biological control of the larger grain borer (Prostephanus truncatus) and small-scale farmer utilisation of diatomaceous earths as grain protectants for small-scale storage. I am a member of PHILA and have been involved in the case study on exploring empowerment initiatives while also studying for my BSc Agricultural Education and Extension degree at Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro.

I enjoy working for farmers and other stakeholders who play a role in helping farmers and disadvantaged groups to help themselves.

Mobile: +255 (0)748 496081

Horace J.F. Mhando

I am employed as the DALDO of Manyoni district. I have a BSc in Agriculture (Animal Sciences) and am computer literate. I was born in Kilindi, Tanga on the 25th September 1962. The date of my first appointment was 4/12/1991. I got married in 1991 and have four children.

Office: +255 (0)26 2540016/2540112/2540136/
Mobile: +255 (0)748 526941/ 887688

Norman Mhazo (Mr.)

I hold a BSc degree in Agronomy from the University of Zimbabwe, and an MSc degree in Agricultural Engineering, from Silsoe College, Cranfield University. I have worked as a research agronomist with SADC – ICRISAT on the Sorghum and Millet Improvement Programme, and as a mechanisation extension officer with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Government of Zimbabwe. I am currently employed by the University of Zimbabwe where I teach undergraduate courses in Farm Power and Agricultural Mechanisation and conduct research into agro-processing technology, energy and animal traction.

Mobile: +263 (0)11417453

Job David Mika

I am 50 years old. I work as the Zonal Communication Officer for the Central Zone including Dodoma and Singida Region under the employment of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security in the Farmers Education and Publicity Unit, of the Extension Section of the Crop Development Department. I am experienced in: desktop publishing (designing and printing leaflets, posters and books); video (professional video shooting and editing, producing video tapes, VCD’s and DVD’s, planning various shots of video episodes and drama on agricultural matters); radio (initial preparation of Agricultural Radio Programmes through conducting interviews and use of drama). I am a PHILA member and was involved in shooting and editing the video as part of the exchange visit case study methodology. I am also involved in a Crop Protection Promotion (CPP) project.

Mobile: +255 (0)741/748/744 213500
Home: +255 (0)26 2303174

Masumbuko Mkumule

I am a farmer, my agricultural livelihood activities include traditional farming as well as irrigated vegetable production and small scale crop trading of sunflower, groundnut and maize.

Mkulima. Ninaishi kwa kilimo na bustani ya kumwagilia, na biashara ndogo ndogo za mazao, alizeti, karanga na mahindi.

Address: Box 37 Mlali village, Kongwa district

Happiness Mlaki

I am a Livestock Principal Officer and have been working for the Ministry of Agriculture for more than 10 years. I am a graduate holding a BSc in Agriculture Animal Science and an MSc in Agricultural Extension.

I worked Farmers’ Education and Publicity unit of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives from 1990 to 2001, in-charge of the editorial submissions and dealt with the preparation of printed materials for farmers and livestock keepers. In 2002, when the Ministry of Water and Livestock Development was established, I shifted to a new Ministry. I worked with the Control of Epizootics Pan African Programme as a communication officer up to October 2005 when I was deployed to join the Agricultural Sector Development Programme (ASDDP) Secretariat as the Information and Education Officer. My main activities include the preparation and design of information, communication and education materials and public awareness raising on agricultural issues and training.

Mobile: +255 (0)744 398579

Francis Mnguto Mnkabenga

Mr. Francis Mnguto Mnkabenga was born on 14th January 1960 in Korogwe District, Tanga Region in Tanzania. He was awarded a Masters of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering by the Sokoine University of Agriculture in 2001. In 2003 he was awarded a Diploma in statistics by the Eastern Africa Statistical Training Centre. He is a member of Institute of Engineers Tanzania and Society of Agricultural Engineers.

He is currently working with Manyoni District Council in Tanzania. He is very active in preparation and planning of agricultural development projects; supervision of construction, maintenance and operation of irrigation schemes; dissemination of research findings to farmers; carrying out of community needs assessment’s appraisal of community development projects; data collection, data analysis; data storage and report writing.

He is computer literate conversant with MSWord, MS Excel, Ms Access, MS Power Point and SPSS for Windows computer programmes. In 2001 he applied remote sensing and GIS to assess the effect of shifting cultivation and the implications of sustainable use of land resources in Manyoni district Council. He was the District Executive officer at the 2002 Population and Housing Census in Manyoni District. In 2004 he supervised data collection, analysis and report writing on service delivery performance of Manyoni District Council.
In 2005 he supervised preparation of five year strategic plan for Manyoni district. Generally Mr. Francis has a wide range of skills and experience.

Mobile: +255 (0)748 410615

Yona Mnyabahi

This has been an enjoyable seminar. I have found out about traditional and commercial grain protectants. I request the researchers to find out how long these protectants remain effective. Also to defend these protectants that farmers say are bad, when in fact they are just not being applied correctly, for example the Actellic Super Dust protectant they were using in Mlali, one packet protects two sacks for 6 months and when they used it for one year and it became heavily damaged by insects.

Kwa taarifa ni kwamba nimefurahishwa na semina hii. Kwa sababu dawa ya kuhifadhi nafaka nje na dawa za kitaalamu zimegunduliwa. Mimi naomba wataalamu ambao wameziona basi zipelekwe kwa watafiti ili kujua kama zinaweza kuleta madhara kwa watumiaji 2 vile vile kujua dawa inakosa nguvu kwa muda gani. Pia kutetea dawa zote ambazo mkulima alisema ni mbaya kumbe hakufuata taratibu za utumiaji aina dawa hizo kwa mfano dawa iliyotumiwa Mlali pakiti moja ambayo inatosha gunia mbili kwa miezi 6 wao watumia kwa mwaka mmoja lazima yabunguliwe.

Address: PO Box 14, Itigi

Mike Morris

Mike is interested in how people’s needs and priorities are understood and addressed by government, the private sector and civil society organisations. He is currently exploring how learning alliances might be used to better understand the socio-economic, historical and institutional contexts, and to increase the effectiveness of policy change in bringing about improvements in people’s livelihoods. He is employed by the Natural Resources Institute (UK), but typically works in teams made up of colleagues from diverse organisations, North and South. Recent work has focused on developing guidelines to better facilitate the accommodation of customary law within the statutory frameworks for integrated water resources management, and participatory monitoring and evaluation methodologies for assessing the impact of industry codes of practice and SME development.

He has lived and worked long term in the Sudan and Namibia, and undertaken many further assignments in Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and India.

Mobile: +255 (0)745 666 749

Delphina Francis Moshi

I was born in 1958 in Arusha Region. I now work as a senior Agricultural Field Officer with Singida District Council. I hold a diploma in Crop Production from MAT – Ukiriguru (1984) and a general BSc (Hons.) from the Open University of Tanzania. I believe in and practice PRA methodologies in planning sustainable development activities in different fields from the grass root levels. I am a Co-ordinator of the PADEP Programme in Singida District.

Mobile: +255 (0)744 435594

Fatuma Mpura

I was born in 1957. I am a farmer from Mudida village. I have learnt about post harvest management and how to use both commercial and botanical grain protectants. Thank you for our training.

Mimi nimezaliwa mwaka 1957 nina mme miaka 48 mimi ni mkulima wangu wa Mudida nilifundisha na wataalamu wa kilimo na mifugo ya namna ya kuhifadhi mazao na uchanganyaji wa madawa sahihi ya Viwandani na ya asili. Asanteni sana wataalam wetu kutuelimisha.

Address: Po Box 26, Singida district

Vicky Mtegwa

I was born in Manyoni district in 1960. I studied at Kilimatinde primary school from 1971-1977. In 1979 I was married and now live in Solya village, I was involved in the village council for 10 years. After that I was chosen to be involved in the Kilimatinde Water Confederation, Solya, St Johns Hospital. After 2 years I stopped and was chosen to sit on the land committee which I have now done for 8 years. I am also chairperson of the agricultural seed distribution committee. I am very grateful for the opportunity of being able to participate in this PHILA workshop.

Nimezaliwa 1960 Wilaya Manyoni. Nimesoma elimu ya Msingi Kilimatinde 1971-1977. 1979 nikaolewa ninaishi Kijiji cha Solya, nimekitumika Serikali (Halimashauri) ya Kijiji miaka 10. Baada ya kuacha nilichaguliwa kamati ya Maji ya Muungano Kilimatinde, Solya, St. Johns na Hospitali. Nimetumikia miaka 2 nikaacha, nikachaguliwa Kamati Ardhi mpaka sasa miaka 8 pia Mwenyekiti Kamati ya Ugawaji mbegu (Kilimo). Nashukuru sana kuwa mmoja wa washiriki warsha hii ya PHILA.

Address: PO Box 87, Manyoni district

Margareth Natai Mtemi

I come from Kilimanjaro region and am married with two children. By profession I am an agricultural nutritionist, having graduated from Uyole Agricultural Centre and Sokoine University. I am currently employed by the National Food Security Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security. My responsibilities include dissemination of post harvest management technologies in order to reduce post harvest losses, and promotion of food processing for various crops to add value and raise income for farmers. I am also involved in encouraging better utilisation of various food crops to improve the nutritional status of Tanzanians, especially those living in rural areas.

I am encouraging PHILA members to continue with this good work which is beneficial to farmers. Keep it up!

Mobile: +255 (0)745 217481
Office: +255 (0)22 2865950

Brighton Mvumi

BSc Hons Agriculture (Crop Science), University of Zimbabwe
MPhil. Agriculture (Post-harvest Science & Technology), University of Zimbabwe
PhD Stored Product Entomology, Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich

Researcher and Lecturer in Post-harvest Science & Technology and Pesticides and the Environment at University of Zimbabwe since 2000.

Zimbabwean with more than 15 years experience working in the agricultural sector with a focus on food security and the crop post-harvest sub-sector, 10 of which were with the Ministry of Agriculture as a crop post-harvest specialist, before joining the University of Zimbabwe in 2000. Have special interest in crop storage and the use of integrated pest management techniques including the use of inert dusts, synthetic insecticides, biopesticides, natural enemies, and resistant cultivars. Practical experience in participatory technology development (mainlining communities) and sustainable livelihood approaches. Strong background in multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary teamwork. Have been involved in a number of post-harvest collaborative research and development projects in Eastern and Southern Africa during the past nine years. Have been engaged in several community-based consultancies as an agricultural specialist, in a livelihood framework.

Mobile: +255 (0)91419983

Francis Salum Mwambashi

I was born in 1948 in Lushoto district, Tanga Region. I was at Government Secondary School from 1966-1969 and finished Standard IV. I joined the Ministry of Agriculture in 1970. I have: a General Certificate in Agriculture; a Diploma in Crop Production from MATI Uyole, Mbeya; a Certificate in Livestock Health and Production from Mpwapwa; a Certificate in Seed Quality Control from TOSCA and MAFS; a Certificate in Service delivery for farmers (SEP) taught by SUA and Dublin College, Ireland. I have been with the Ministry of Agriculture for 35 years and work as an extension officer. I am married and have 13 children and 4 grandchildren. I thank god for giving us the opportunity to participate in this PHILA workshop.

Maelezo yangu binafsi: Nilizaliwa mwaka 1948 katika Wilaya ya Lushoto Mkoani Tanga. Elimu yangu ni Kidato cha IV Shule ya Sekondari ya serikali na ambado niliingia mwaka 1966 na kumaliza 1969. Nilijiunga wa Wizara ya Kilimo mwaka 1970. Nina vyeti vya taaluma kama ifuatavyo: Cheti cha kilimo (General Agric. Cert.); Diploma (Stashahada) ya uzalishaji wa mazao niliyopata Uyole Mbeya; Cheti cha Afya na Uzalishaji wa Mifugo Mpwapwa; Cheti cha Udhibiti wa ubora wa mbegu toka TOSCA & Wizara ya Kilimo; Cheti katika mafunzo ya utoaji huduma kwa wakulima (SEP) walioendeshwa na SUA na Chuo Kikuyu cha Dublin Jamhuri ya Ireland. Nimetumikia Wizara ya Kilimo kwa muda wa miaka 35 hadi sasa. Nimeoa na nina watoto 13 na wajukuu 4. Namshukuru Mungu kuniwezesha kuwa mshiriki wa Warsha hii ya PHILA tangu mwanzo hadi sasa.

Mobile: +255 (0)745 733875

Judicate Naftal Mwanga

Mr. Judicate Naftal Mwanga was born at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. He joined Uyole Training Institute to study for a Diploma in Animal Production, he then studied BSc and MSc degrees in Agricultural Economics at Sokoine University of Agriculture in Morogoro. He has also attended several courses in different areas of socio-economics both within the country and abroad. He is married, and a father to two daughters.

Currently Mr Mwanga is a Senior Scientist in the Socio-economics Research department based in the Semi-arid Central zone of Tanzania. He is the head of the socio-economics and information management department at Mpwapwa Agricultural Research Institute. He is experienced in participatory approaches, livelihood models, innovation systems, knowledge management, natural resource management, seed systems, participatory monitoring and evaluation for impact, and local knowledge systems. He is computer literate, acquainted with MS-office, SPSS and STATA; competent on rigorous analytical models e.g. Logit, Tobit, and Probit, and institutional analytical frame work. He is a seasoned field based socio-economist, and has been part and parcel of multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional and regional teams. He is a member of the Agricultural Economics Society of Tanzania (AGREST) and INADES Formation Tanzania.

He has offered a number of consultancy services to several organisations both as a facilitator and a researcher. He has been: the team leader for Local Indigenous Knowledge and Agro-biodiversity research programme commissioned by FAO-LInKS project in 2003; the team leader of the DFID-CPHP-PHILA comparative analysis case study between public service providers and farmer centred organisations (PSPs versus FCOs) ways of working with farmers; a facilitation consultant to Tanzania Agricultural Research Project (TARP II-SUA) on livelihood models, gender analysis and PRA techniques in 2004; a consultant to the Participatory Agricultural Development and Empowerment Project (PADEP) on participatory approaches, involved in the preparation and appraisal of sub-projects; a facilitator at the DFID-CPP regional monitoring and evaluation workshop held at Muslim university, Morogoro in 2005.

Mobile: +255 (0)748 461354 or +255 (0)744 613367
Office: +255 (0)26 2320853

Emil Laiser Njau

I am 47 years old. I hold an Advanced Certificate in Secondary School Education and worked at Moshi Secondary School from 1979 – 1981. I also hold a Diploma in Crop Production from MATI Ukiriguru (1984). I currently work as the Manyoni District Plant Health Officer. From 1996 -98 I was a district extension officer and prior to that the district crops officer (1994-96). I participated in the exchange visit at Mlali village, Kongwa District in September 2005. I have benefited from various training courses including: Produce Inspection; Quality Control; Bio-control; IPM; TFDA; Household Food security; Vulnerability assessment; Migratory pest management; and PHILA. I am: a member of PHILA; secretary of the District Workers Association; DALDO advisor on crop production, processing, marketing, storage and utilization. I have been involved in conducting surveys and controlling agricultural pests and storage management.

Mobile: +255 (0)748 541841

Gasana Rwabufigiri

I was born 48 years ago on the 29th December 1957, at Igabiro village, Muleba district, in Kagera region about 25 km from the western shores of Lake Victoria. I am married and blessed with three boys. I am currently employed by the Government of Tanzania as a Zonal co-ordinator for the Plant Health section, and am based at Dodoma. The zone includes Dodoma, Singida and Morogoro regions. I am responsible for the control of migrant pests like quelea birds, armyworms and locusts in the area. The Plant Health section also deals with the control of exotic and other outbreak pests like the larger grain borer (LGB, Prostephanus truncatus). I am also a trained Produce and Pesticides inspector under the 1997 Plant Protection Act. I started work as an agricultural field assistant having attained a certificate in Agro-vet science at MATI-Ukiriguru and a Diploma in Crop Production at Uyole Agricultural Centre. I have attended professional training courses on Pesticide Application and Aerial Spraying (Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania), Storage of Durable Agricultural Products (ODNRI Slough UK) and a hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Post-harvest technology-Horticulture (University of Greenwich UK).

Mobile: +255 (0) 748410184

Justice Christopher Shekilango

Is employed as the Gender and Extension Officer at MVIWATA. His professional experience includes

• Facilitating sensitisation on group formation and group dynamics in farming systems in Mgeta (Ministry of Agriculture and Franco Tanzanian Development Project, SUA 1985-1992)
• Formulation of market channels with farmers groups in Mgeta (Upper Mgeta Horticulture Development Project (UMHODEP), SUA 1989- 1993)
• Formulation of local networks as an entry point in rural areas through participatory rural appraisal (SUA-SCOM project) which contributed the emergence of National network of farmers’ groups (MVIWATA) (1994-1995)
• Formulation of credit and savings groups (Mgeta and Mkuyuni areas, 1995-1997)
• Contributed to the formulation of rural marketing and rural micro-financing project (Morogoro and Kongwa, 1999-2001)
• Contributed to the formulation of savings and credit project (Morogoro, Kilimanjaro and Dodoma 1999-2001)
• Implementation of rural markets (Kongwa and Morogoro Districts, 2002- 2004)
• Facilitating the National workshop for MVIWATA members on Effects of HIV/AIDS in Agriculture (December 2002)
• Facilitating the National workshop on Conflict management in agriculture and livestock production in Tanzania (January 2004)
• Implementation of rural credit and savings (Morogoro, Dodoma and Kilimanjaro, 2001-2005)
• Facilitating strengthening of farmers groups and local networks through exchange visits, seminars in MVIWATA. Organising training of farmers’ leaders (MVIWATA, 1998- 2005)
Coordinating MVIWATA’s strategic one year plan since January 2004. The major areas of focus include:
• Strengthening development efforts of MVIWATA members for enhancing effective service delivery at middle level
• Strengthening MVIWATA at the national level for effective service delivery to members
• Building capacity of MVIWATA leaders, members and staff to effectively deliver services
• Enhancing effective management of organizational activities at all levels.

Office: +255 (0)261 4184

Mary Simebeye

Also I am a member of Post Harvest Innovation learning Alliance (PHILA) and I am trying to publicise the PHILA activities in Newspapers.

Mobile: +255 (0)744 949623
Office: +255 (0)22 2116496


Zwanyadza Soroti

I work in the Livelihoods Society Unit of the Catholic Relief Services in Zimbabwe. The unit’s main aim is to improve food security and mitigate HIV and AIDS at household level. My major contributions to the team, are in agricultural input distribution, drip irrigation and mushroom production. I am also involved in capacity building of partner and extension staff and beneficiaries. I have also worked as a lecturer for more than eight years, at various colleges of agriculture and universities.

Mobile: +263 (0)4 791664

Tanya Stathers

Tanya is a post harvest/ integrated pest management (IPM) specialist employed by the UKs Natural Resources Institute. She has >12 years experience developing and promoting IPM technologies, including diatomaceous earths as grain protectants, use of the farmer field school approach, cultural control methods, entomopathogenic fungi, pheromones, natural enemies, and resistant cultivars. Her recent work has focused on innovation systems, access to information and service provision. She has a practical background in multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary teamwork, and the use of participatory methodologies to identify and manage agricultural needs in disaggregated rural communities. She has worked on long term assignments in Tanzania and Papua New Guinea and on short term assignments in Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Her mother tongue is English and she speaks good Swahili and French, and basic PNG Pidgin. She is currently living and working in Tanzania, and is married with one young daughter.

E-mail: and
Mobile: +255 (0)744 459409

Suitbert M. Tungaraza

I was born Mwanza Region, and completed ordinary level education in 1978 at Tarime Secondary School, and A levels at Moshi Secondary School in 1981. In 1984 I completed a two year diploma course in Animal production at Uyole College in Mbeya, and in 1999 a BSc course in Animal Science and Production at SUA. My first appointment was in June 1984 in Musoma rural district where I worked as an extension officer (Livestock field officer). In 1991 I was transferred to Kwimba district in Mwanza region working as an extensionist and mainly as a District Subject Matter specialist. I moved to Mpwapwa (Dodoma) in June 2004 to work at the Zonal Research Centre (Livestock Production Research Institute) as the Zonal Research and Extension Liaison Officer (ZRELO) where I am still currently. I have recently been working with the CPP (crop protection promotion) project coordinated by INADES formation Tanzania and am a PHILA (post harvest innovation learning alliance) member. I worked with SEP (Sokoine Extension Project) as a TOT (Training of trainers) member involved in extension method strengthening in two districts Kwimba and Misungwi in Mwanza region 2001 – 2003. I was also a PRA team member for the Tanzania social action fund (TASAF) for Kwimba district responsible for the participatory involvement of farmers in raising their problems, solutions, and prioritising which projects to implement.

Mobile: +255 (0)748 831469

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