The EcoRat project on rodents as agricultural pests in Africa

The project on Rat Management for Rural Communities in Bangladesh

www.icrbm.org for the International Conference on Rodent Biology and Management

The United States Centers for Disease Control with further links to leptospirosis, toxoplasmosis, plague, vector-borne infectious diseases, and emerging infectious diseases

The World Health Organization with further links to plague, leptospirosis and water-related diseases

The International Leptospirosis Society

The WHO-KIT Leptonet


RatZooMan consortium partner websites:

Natural Resources Institute, United Kingdom

Biomedical Research, Royal Tropical Institute, the Netherlands

Evolutionary Biology, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Danish Pest Infestation Laboratory, Denmark

Pest Management Centre, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania

Syngenta, Zimbabwe

National Institute for Communicable Diseases, National Health Laboratory Service, South Africa

National Institute of Health, Mozambique


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