We're always trying to improve the information on this website, and ultimately would like it to be a useful resource for information on pesticidal plants. Ultimately we would like this site to serve the interests of scientists and extensionists working on pesticidal plants throughout Africa and particularly the Southern African Development Community countries.

Please email us if you have information that you would like to share and would like to be included on this website. We hope to develop a network of institutions and people as a way of strengthening the capacity of researchers and end users of pesticidal plants.

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This is an email and website forum to post announcements and queries related to the use of pesticidal plants in agriculture, particularly their use in vegetable gardens, in grain storage and against livestock ectoparasites (ticks, mites). Members of this group may be scientists or extensionists involved in research and promotion of pesticidal plants or end users wishing to share their experiences or learn more about pesticidal plants through discussion and sharing of information with other group members.

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