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Below, you will find links to a range of scientific and popular press articles that have been developed by the StopRats team and colleagues.

Scientific publications developed with support from the StopRats project

Mahlaba T.A.M., Monadjem A., McCleery R. and Belmain S.R. (2017) Domestic cats and dogs create a landscape of fear for pest rodents around rural homesteads. PLoS ONE 12(2): e0171593.

Labuschagne, L., Swanepoel, L.H., Taylor, P.J., Belmain, S.R. and Keith, M. (2016). Are avian predators effective biological control agents for rodent pest management in agricultural systems? Biological Control. 101: 94-102.

Mgode, G., Machang'u, R.S., Mhamphi, G.G., Katakweba, A., Mulungu, L., Durnez, L., Leirs, H., Hartskeerl, R.A. and Belmain, S.R. Leptospira serovars for diagnosis of leptospirosis in humans and animals in Africa: Common leptospira isolates and reservoir hosts. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 9(12): e0004251.

Beaucournu, J. C., Randrenjarison Andriniaina, H. R. & Goodman, S. M. 2015. Puces (Insecta: Siphonaptera) d’Ambohitantely, Madagascar: Spécificité et phénologie. Malagasy Nature, 9: 39-48.

Goodman, S.M., Andriniaina, H.R.R., Soarimalala, V. and Beaucournu, J.C. (2015) The fleas of endemic and introduced small mammals in central highland forests of Madagascar: Faunistics, species diversity, and absence of host specificity. Journal of Medical Entomology. online first.

Mulungu, L.S., Borremans, B., Ngowo, V., Mdangi, M.E., Katakweba, A.S., Tesha, P., Mrosso, F.P., Mchomvu, M. and Kilonzo, B.S. (2015) Comparative study of movement patterns of Mastomys natalensis in irrigated rice and fallow fields in eastern Tanzania. African Journal of Ecology. online first.

Makundi, R. H., Massawe, A. W., Borremans, B., Laudisoit, A., and Katakweba, A. S. (2015). We are connected: flea – host association networks in the plague outbreak focus in the Rift Valley, northern Tanzania. Wildlife Research 42, 196–206.

Mulungu, L.S., Ngowo, V., Mdangi, M.E., Katakweba, A.S., Tesha, P., Mrosso, F.P., Mchomvu, M., Massawe, A.W., Monadjem, A., Kilonzo, B. and Belmain, S.R. (2015) Survival and recruitment of the multimammate mouse, Mastomys natalensis (Smith 1834), in a rice agro-ecosystem. Mammalia. online first

Mulungu, L.S, Lagwen, P.P., Mdangi, M.E., Kilonzo, B.S. and Belmain, S.R. (2014). Impact of spatio-temporal simulations of rat damage on yield of rice (Oryza sativa L.) and implications for rodent pest management. International Journal of Pest Management. 60(4): 269-274.

Mulungu, L.S., Sixbert, V., Ngowo, V, Mdangi, M, Katakweba, A.S., Tesha, P., Mrosso, F.P. Mchomvu, M., Kilonzo B.S. and Belmain S.R. (2014) Spatio-temporal patterns in the distribution of the multi-mammate mouse. Mammalia. online first.

Mulungu, L.S., Mlyashimbi, E.C.M, Ngowo, V., Mdangi, M., Katakweba, A.S., Tesha, P., Mrosso, F.P. Mchomvu, M., Kilonzo B.S. and Belmain S.R. (2014) Food preferences of the multi-mammate mouse, Mastomys natalensis, in irrigated rice habitats in Tanzania. International Journal of Pest Management. 60(1): 1-8.

Lamb, J., Downs, S., Eiseb, S., and John Taylor, P. (2014). Increased geographic sampling reveals considerable new genetic diversity in the morphologically conservative African Pygmy Mice (Genus Mus; Subgenus Nannomys) Mammalian Biology 79, 24–35.


Popular press articles by the StopRats team

Videos on How to Control Rodents can be dowloaded from here by clicking on the language you require
These are small video files that can be downloaded and saved to your smart phone so that you can play the video when in the field or when there is no internet connection.
How to control rodents - in English
Comment contrôler les rongeurs - en français
Jinsi ya kudhibiti panya - katika Kiswahili

The below are links to the video on YouTube at a much higher quality resolution.
How to control rodents - in English
Comment contrôler les rongeurs - en français
Jinsi ya kudhibiti panya - katika Kiswahili

Scientific paper Domestic Cats and Dogs Create a Landscape of Fear for Pest Rodents around Rural Homesteads was the topic of a radio interview. The lead author of the paper, Themb’alilahlwa A. M. Mahlaba from the University of Swaziland, was interviewed on South African radio station 702 about the outcomes of the paper.  The interview can be listened to here.

StopRats produced four policy discussion papers covering some of the major challenges in controlling rodent pests in Africa and elsewhere.

StopRats rodent population outbreak discussion paper

StopRats stakeholder network discussion paper

StopRats biological control discussion paper

StopRats how to control rodents discussion paper

Maltitz, von E. (2016) Gerbils thrive in harvest bounty. Spilpunt. 5:42-44. (in Afrikaans)

Maltitz, von E., Kirsten, F. and Malebana P. (2016) StopRats bag Stinkwater. Plant Protection News. 107:5-6.

Labuschagne, L. (2015)  The Barn Owl: Secret weapon in the fight against rodents. Farmers' Weekly. 16 October 2015, 26-28.

Belmain, S.R. et al. (2015) African researchers adopt One Health to Stop Rats. One Health Initiative Newsletter. 8(2):2-5.

Belmain, S.R. (2015) StopRats a le 12ème Symposium International sur les Petits Mammifères Africains.  TANA planète. 87:44-45.

Maltitz, von E., Kirsten, F. and Malebana P. (2015) ARC-PPRI hosts STOPRATS review workshop. Plant Protection News. 103:7-8.

Maltitz, von E., Kirsten, F. and Malebana P. (2014) Update on gerbil management in maize. SA Grain. 16(1): 106-107.

StopRats partner Frikkie Kirsten and other ARC-PPRI staff talk about rodent pests in maize production,  broadcast (in Afrikaans) in South Africa on DSTV channel kykNET's breakfast programme Dagbreek.

StopRats project leader Steve Belmain talks to channel on problems with rodenticide resistance

StopRats partner, Seth Eiseb talks about his PhD in a SciDevNet podcast

Steve Belmain talks to SciDevNet in a podcast about the new StopRats project and some of the good (detecting land mines) and bad (disease transmission) about rodents.

ACP S&T leaflet of StopRats project

StopRats project overview leaflet

Scientific publications about rodents and their management in Africa

Mdangi, M., Mulungu, L.S.,  Massawe, A.W., Eiseb,  S., Tutjavi, V., Kirsten, F.,  Mahlaba, T., Malebane, P., Maltitz, E.V., Monadjem, A., Dlamini, N., Makundi,  R.H. and S.R. Belmain (2013) Assessment of rodent damage to stored  maize (Zea mays L.) on smallholder  farms in Tanzania. International Journal  of Pest Management. 59(1): 55-62.

Katakweba, A.A.S., Mulungu, L.S., Eiseb, S.J., Mahlaba, T.A., Makundi, R.H., Massawe, A.W., Borremans, B. and Steven  R. Belmain (2012) Prevalence of haemoparasites, leptospires and  cocobacilli with potential for human infection in the blood of rodents and  shrews from selected localities in Tanzania, Namibia and Swaziland. African Zoology. 47(1): 119-127. 

Taylor, P.J., Downs, S., Monadjem, A, Eiseb, S.J.,  Mulungu, L.S., Massawe, A.W., Mahlaba, T.A., Kirsten, F.,  Maltitz von, E., Malebane, P., Makundi, R.H.,  Lamb, J and Belmain, S.R. (2012) Experimental treatment-control  studies of ecologically based rodent management in Africa: balancing  conservation and pest management. Wildlife Research. 39(1): 51-61.

Massawe, A.W, Mulungu, L.S, Makundi, R.H, Dlamini, N., Eiseb. S., Kirsten, F.,  Mahlaba, T., Malebane, P., Maltitz, E. von, , Monadjem. A., Taylor, P.,  Tutjavi, V., and Steven R. Belmain. (2011) Spatial and temporal population  dynamics of rodents in three geographically different regions: Implications for  ecologically- based rodent management. African  Zoology. 46(2): 393–405.

Mulungu, L.S., Massawe, A.W., Kennis, J., Crauwels, D., Eiseb, S.,  Mahlaba, T.A., Monadjem, A., Makundi, R.H., Katakweba, A.A.S., Leirs, H. and  Belmain, S.R. (2011) Differences in  diet between two rodent species of Mastomys natalensis and Gerbilliscus  vicinus in fallow land habitats in central Tanzania. African Zoology.  46(2): 387–392.

Mulungu, L.S., Mahlaba, T., Massawe,  A., Kennis, J., Crauwels, D., Eiseb, E., Monadjem, A.,  Makundi, R. Katakweba, A. Leirs, H. and Steven  Belmain (2011) Dietary  preferences of the multimammate mouse (Mastomys  natalensis, Smith 1832) across different habitats and seasons in Tanzania  and Swaziland. Wildlife Research.  38(7): 640–646.

Monadjem, A.,  Mahlaba, T.A., Dlamini, N., Eiseb. S.J., Belmain, S.R., Mulungu, L.S., Massawe,  A.W., Makundi. R.H., Mohr, K., Taylor, P.J. (2011). Impact of crop cycle on movement patterns of  pest rodent species between fields and houses in Africa. Wildlife Research. 38(7): 603-609.

Bastos, A.D.S., Nair,D., Taylor, P.J., Brettschneider,  H., Kirsten, F., Mostert, E., Maltitz, von, E., Lamb, J.M., Hooft, van P.,  Belmain, S.R., Contrafatto, G., Downs, S. and Chimimba, C.T.. (2011) Genetic  monitoring detects an overlooked cryptic species and reveals the diversity and  distribution of three invasive Rattus congeners in South Africa. BMC Genetics. 12:26.

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