Rat Management for Rural Communities in Bangladesh



Why rats?

Rats are a growing threat to our livelihoods. The problems that rats cause are most acute in tropical developing countries such as Bangladesh.

This website is about a research project that is attempting to scale up appropriate rodent management technologies and strategies that can be sustainably and cost-effectively implemented by rural communities in Bangladesh.

Information on this website will tell you a bit about rats, the problems they cause and how ecologically-based rodent management can succeed in environments where the use of rat poisons (rodenticides) have failed.

Progress about the project, its activities and achievements will be regularly posted here. Links to other relevant information, publications and rodent information can be found here too.

This project has received funding from the Research Into Use programme of the UK Department for International Development. Further information on these programmes is available from the RIU website and the DFID website. The project is operational over three years (July 2008 to June 2011).

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