To test the 'Farms of the Future' approach of CCAFS, the NRI team elaborated a project theory of change (see Figure 1), which summarizes the envisaged impact pathway:

Figure 1: NRI theory of Change


 The key underlying principles for the project were as follows – see box 1

Box 1: Key NRI 'Farms of the Future' Principles

  • Give priority to farmers' voices and their learning from other farmers at the host communities
  • Support the farmers to share their findings from their study tour with their own communities
  • Support other agricultural stakeholders from the benchmark site to participate. Farmers cannot adapt to climate change alone. Encourage these other stakeholders to learn from farmers and stakeholders in the visit locations – to help them reflect upon what they and their own organisations could do differently in the future.
  • Learn about how to strengthen the ability of farmers, other stakeholders and organisations to respond to climate change and other pressure