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Providing Services to Smallholders
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Elements for Successful Business
Market Linkages
Which Services are Needed?
Credit - How can it best be provided?
Research, Training and Extension
Agro-Chemicals, Fertilizers and Seeds
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Monitoring and Evaluation of Service Provision
Agricultural and Environmental Practices
Quality Assurance & Human Health and Safety

Current and Future Trends



Monitoring and evaluation of service provision is essential for analysing, and if possible improving, the effectiveness of servicing regimes. As a minimum, the servicing company should:

  • Establish 'critical limits' - to measure the effectiveness and quality of the services provided to farmers
  • Establish appropriate record-keeping and documentation systems
  • Make regular visits to monitor progress and assess impact
  • Establish corrective actions
  • Evaluate, with the farmers, all the achievements made and lessons learnt, and apply any lessons learnt to existing and new arrangements.

Monitoring systems and extension services

The productivity of input use can be enhanced through the supply of high quality inputs that are appropriate to farmers' needs and circumstances-see What smallholders need from seed suppliers.

Efficient and effective use of the inputs provided will increase the chances of sufficient production to pay off the loan. Appropriate use of inputs can be ensured through frequent monitoring of smallholders. This can be facilitated by farmer groups-see Forming and managing producer groups.

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